Own Art makes it easy and affordable to buy contemporary art and craft. Own Art is Creative Scotland's loan scheme. You can borrow from £100 up to £2,500 at 0% APR repayable over 10 months in equal monthly installments.

* The money can be put towards original paintings, sculpture and prints. You must be 18 years or over and be a UK resident and can apply via Gallery Heinzel, one of the network of over 300 UK galleries supporting the scheme.

*Subject to status. Terms & conditions apply.


Cate Inglis

Cate Inglis is a Scottish painter and printmaker and the 2013 winner of the RGI Armour Award for Landscape Painting of Distinction. The recipient of two awards whilst attending Glasgow School of Art, since graduating she exhibits regularly in both solo and group exhibitions. She works from her home-studio in the West End of Glasgow surrounded by post-industrial inspiration. Of her work she says "My practice is concerned with the layers and structure of the urban landscape: the transience of the built environment in a relentless process of growth and change. Anonymous yet familiar, I focus on the mundane city streets...the overlooked and unnoticed details in a patchwork of grand houses, industrial wastelands, concrete offices and glittering new flats that fill the streets of our cities. I am drawn in by the illusion of permanence that we create for ourselves and the fragile nature of the recognisable city in a time of accelerating change. The surfaces of my paintings echo the structure of these complex layers. By constructing and peeling back layers of paper, I create delicately textured surfaces on which to paint, print and draw. The paper layers act as a metaphor for how thin and temporary everything we build ultimately is."


Lindsey Lavender

Lindsey is a trained architect and for many years painted in her spare time whilst pursuing her professional career. In recent years she has focussed on creating and exhibiting her artwork, whilst continuing her artistic development part-time at Edinburgh College of Art. Lindsey's art encompasses drawing, painting, printing, collage and textiles. Recently painting has been the predominant part of her practice. Through her work, she examines natural and built environments, seeking simple observations that are often overlooked. She is fascinated by and intrigued with the everyday. The work has been described as having a sense of melancholy calm that draws the viewer in. It explores, often through a restricted palette, the juxtaposition of manmade and natural as well as rhythm, and the play of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary. Lindsey's first exhibition piece 'Forest Series - Untitled' was awarded the ‘Connell & Connell Prize’ at the SSA Open Exhibition 2013. Lindsey is a member of the SSA (Society of Scottish Artists), VAS (Visual Arts Scotland) and AIR (Artists Interaction and Representation)