Lindsey Lavender


Lindsey is a trained architect and for many years painted in her spare time whilst pursuing her professional career. In recent years she has focussed on creating and exhibiting her artwork, whilst continuing her artistic development part-time at Edinburgh College of Art.

Lindsey's art encompasses drawing, painting, printing, collage and textiles. Recently painting has been the predominant part of her practice. Through her work, she examines natural and built environments, seeking simple observations that are often overlooked. She is fascinated by and intrigued with the everyday. The work has been described as having a sense of melancholy calm that draws the viewer in. It explores, often through a restricted palette, the juxtaposition of manmade and natural as well as rhythm, and the play of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary.

Lindsey's first exhibition piece 'Forest Series - Untitled' was awarded the ‘Connell & Connell Prize’ at the SSA Open Exhibition 2013.

Lindsey is a member of the SSA (Society of Scottish Artists), VAS (Visual Arts Scotland) and AIR (Artists Interaction and Representation)