Victoria Wylie


Victoria graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design with a BDes (Hons) in Constructed Textiles, specialising in Gobelin tapestry weaving. She went on to complete a Master of Fine Art and now creates abstract landscapes from her studio in Angus. She has exhibited throughout Scotland and the UK and has artworks in private collections across the world.


Victoria predominantly uses acrylic paints to make her paintings. She uses a mixture of other media such as ink, pencils and oil pastels to create the energy and variety of marks she strives for. She enjoys experimenting with textures, opacity, patterns and colour using processes such as layering, scraping, distressing and re-painting to achieve the desired effect. 

Horizon lines fascinate her. This comes from growing up close to the North Yorkshire Moors – the vast stretches of openness inform her work in many ways. Her paintings respond to the changing elements and the rhythm of the landscape as she explores the visual tensions that arise when sky meets sea meets land. The paintings are memories of these moments and while each artwork is a reflection from a particular place, they encompass numerous experiences – each painting lends a fragment of itself to the next. 


She finds the ultimate joy in walking, cycling and just sitting and listening – allowing oneself to be immersed in the natural world – taking time to stop and breathe and be. She explores places with knowledge of the geography of the landscape, a geekish interest in cloud formation and a desire to breathe in the intoxicating wilderness air.


Her work is bold, striking and atmospheric – she captures energy through playful mark-making and enjoys the serendipity that occurs as a result. Her connection with, and respect for the natural world is central to every mark she makes.