Lois Carson


Lois Carson was awarded a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in 2003, and a Master of Fine Art in 2007. Previously she lived in South Australia and Thailand and has lived in Aberdeen since 1996. She's been a member of the Gallery Heinzel team for more than fifteen years. 


Lois's creative work takes place at her home studio in Aberdeenshire where more recently she has branched into ceramics building on her experience at Gray’s and attending a number of workshops. Her ceramic work is inspired by the Aberdeenshire countryside and its flora and fauna.


She also designs and makes contemporary jewellery. This line of work stems from her fine art/sculptural background where resin was used in the creation of larger scale sculptures. She finds this material fascinating and versatile to work with and has developed a working process to suit smaller creations. She describes her jewellery as wearable art.