DISTILLED - A portion of this year's Gray's School of Art Degree Show: Pieces by some of this year's Painting graduates...

16 October - 6 November 2021

This year's Gray's School of Art students graduated in the midst of the global pandemic, just as society was re-emerging from a winter lockdown. The students created, curated, hung and displayed their work at the art school here in Aberdeen. Due to COVID restrictions only a limited number of people got to see the show. 

Gallery Heinzel was invited to tour the exhibition. In the following weeks a plan was formulated to host a sample of the Degree Show off campus at Gallery Heinzel. With the art school's help, every Painting graduate was invited to submit work, both physically and digitally. 

This exhibition is a distillation of this year's Degree Show with work from every student who was in a position to  submit work. (Understandably not every graduate was able to take part, for a variety of reasons... .)

This exhibition is a chance for the work to be seen and experienced, and for the graduates to see their work hung in a professional gallery setting. Everyone is welcome to visit, in person if you can, and also here on our website.