About us

Established over 30 years, Gallery Heinzel specialises in Scottish contemporary art that reflects the team's appreciation and interest in painting and drawing...

We host a varied annual exhibition programme from our base in Aberdeen's West End exhibiting original paintings, sculpture, ceramics and glass. We aim to exhibit a range of work and styles, and to foster new graduates giving early career artists the chance to exhibit in a professional space. 

The gallery is owned by Maura Tighe and run with Anita Collin, a Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art & Design interior design graduate, and Lois Carson, a Gray's School of Art graduate, sculptor, ceramicist and jeweller. Originally from Dublin, Maura moved to Aberdeen from Edinburgh in 1998. In 1999 she met and began working for Chris Heinzel, the gallery's founder. Already an avid collector of Scottish art, the gallery's ethos and style appealed to Maura who took over the business in 2000. 

"As a teenager I used drop into the National Gallery of Ireland on my way home from my orthodontist appointments to soak up the paintings. Although I studied art for my Highers I had neither the talent nor training to persue a creative career. I used muse that my 'national lottery dream' would be to run an art gallery. A chance meeting with Chris Heinzel enabled me to realise my fantasy."

May 16, 2021